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"Crunch" 3 years ago
2:36 did her tits just make a fucking crunch sound,instant turn off
3 years ago
Fake tites they still hella small
niggod 3 years ago
You can tell some corny white guy produced this with all the typical stereotyping.
3 years ago
My daughter is a cheerleader for the basketball team so this is pretty scary
Cock Envy 3 years ago
White dudes really watching this video and posting hate comments.. What a sad little bunch yea..
bob 3 years ago
thats horrible
True 3 years ago
Holy fucking shit this bitches fucking hideous
Jack 3 years ago
He fucks her so good
Vergaara 1 year ago
It looks like she is shitting out of her cunt
Trainer 3 years ago
She needs me to train her so she can learn to swallow my dick. Boobs fake but I'd enjoy popping her anus open big(ly). Her pussy still had some grip to it and she was creaming her ass off. I'm still disappointed in the brothers not going balz deep in the hoes. It's their job to fuck so let them feel the black bull dominance in their guts or intestines.