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Peachess 2 years ago
I wish a guy would do that to me uggghh my pussys dripping
JUSTaGiRL 2 years ago
i like how very relaxed she is.. and i like how normal this vid is and not staged like most pornos. they are both really in the moment.
Charlie (male) 2 years ago
Nice work brother! I'm so impressed with your patience and reassurance to the young woman. You most likely opened up her gateway to an actual enjoyable, satisfying sex life. Without your intervention she may have been one of so many women that go through life hardly ever experiencing and enjoying an orgasm, if ever having one at all. It's not just about the orgasm. Orgasm integrated with trusting her partner and even desiring to have physical intimacy whether sex is involved or not. Kudos!!
I want like that 2 years ago
Im so wet ughhh
Fuck !
rob 1 year ago
10;31 omg! beautiful pussy! 29;30 wow! swollen and wet and ready! id like to give him my wife to eat like this and do his thing to get her to squirt all over as i watch. ive never got her to squirt! ;( he must really like the way she tastes! he was down eating her a long time! 57;13 so cool to see her flowing and splashing all over the hand and bed when she finally let it go!
Mee 1 year ago
I can’t wait to get money and go to this guy to get something like this
I don’t mind if he fuck me
2 years ago
I was 22 when my I had my first ex be. He'd finger and ate me a lot. I missed it. Loved it
2 years ago
Making me wet
Can anyone put 2 years ago
Timestamps wtf is that long ass vid
2 years ago
This is really making me wet.